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At Framework Performance Academy, we believe that educating, enhancing and empowering, both personal development and athletic development is the ultimate formula to building a culture of winners in life and in sport! Just located outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. Here, we focus on both the physical and mental abilities that will separate and prepare our athletes for the next level of competition and/or the next step in life. We do this by coaching and preaching: attention to details, accountability, responsibility, commitment, and much more! 

From a physical standpoint, we focus on the basic movement skill competencies that every sport requires: 
– Ability to accelerate
– Ability to run at top speed
– Agility & Change of Direction
– Jumping + Landing Mechanics
– Throwing
– Weight Room Movements
– Strength & Power




Airius Moore

Airius Moore is a former professional and collegiate athlete, who turned COACH. His passion lies both in the personal and athletic development of his athletes. Airius is a technician in speed and agility training and he continues to enhance his coaching abilities through an ongoing mentorship with world leading experts. Airius has had the opportunity of coaching athletes of all levels. He has coached professional athletes down to elite level 11 year olds, which demonstrates his unique ability to connect and interact with his athletes. Airius loves to coach because he is able to share what he has learned over the years with the generations to come and be able to make a great impact on his athletes! Airius coaches all aspects of the Framework Training Program. USATF – Level 1

Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore, formerly known as Hannah Yeager, is a former collegiate athlete who has a passion for improving the lives of athletes on and off the field. She is a certified health coach and yoga teacher specializing in working with athletes through cross training and recovery modalities. She believes this is a great addition to athletic performance as a whole because it helps aid in the recovery process, enhances their performance as well as minimize injury in their sport. Hannah loves to be able to work with athletes and share her knowledge and experience with them in order to empower them to take control of their athletic careers and make it the best experience that it can be!


~ Testing & Technology

At Framework, we believe in using testing data and technology to help guide and inform our athletes in their performance training journey. We not only use technology for our initial evaluation, but also for monitoring performance within each session. This allows us to be transparent with our process as well as provide objective feedback, which in turn creates awareness for each of our athletes.


During our initial evaluation, each athlete will be tested on different metrics that we find are critical to the training process. This will give us an idea of the athlete’s strength and weaknesses, which will help us better navigate a training plan. 

~ Have An Elite Athlete Training approach

1. Have an aggressive and attacking mentality (a competitor). Go after it and give it everything you got.

2. Be a technician of the details and skills. 

3. Be CONSISTENT in your approach.

4. Believe in your work and improvement, and the results will follow. Not the other way around. 

5. Compete with yourself by any means. 

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