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At Framework Performance Academy, we believe that educating, enhancing and empowering, both personal development and athletic development is the ultimate formula to building a culture of winners in life and in sport! Just located outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. Here, we focus on both the physical and mental abilities that will separate and prepare our athletes for the next level of competition and/or the next step in life. We do this by coaching and preaching: attention to details, accountability, responsibility, commitment, and much more! 

Additionally, we also place an emphasis on injury prevention and functional movement patterns, so that our athletes can perform at their highest level and reduce the risk of injury. On the mental side, we work on developing a growth mindset, positive self-talk, visualization techniques, and stress management strategies to help our athletes perform under pressure and overcome challenges. Our goal is to provide comprehensive approach to athletic development, where athletes can grow both physically and mentally and achieve their full potential. 

From a physical standpoint, we focus on the basic movement skill competencies that every sport requires: 
– Ability to accelerate
– Ability to run at top speed
– Agility & Change of Direction
– Jumping + Landing Mechanics
– Throwing
– Weight Room Movements
– Strength & Power




Airius Moore

Airius Moore is a seasoned former professional and collegiate athlete, now turned dynamic coach. With a deep passion for both personal and athletic development, he has dedicated himself to enhancing the skills and abilities of his athletes. AS a skilled speed, agility and strength trainer, Airius stays ahead of the game through ongoing mentorship with world-renowned experts. With a wealth of experience coaching athletes of all levels, from professional to young, elite 11-year-olds, he has a unique ability to connect and engage with his athletes. Airius’ love for coaching stems from his desire to share his knowledge and make a lasting impact on the lives of his athletes. He is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the Framework Training Program and holds a USATF certification.

Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore, formerly known as Hannah Yeager, is a highly skilled and dedicated coach with a passion for enhancing the lives of athletes both on and off the field. As a certified health coach and experienced yoga teacher, Hannah specializes in utilizing cross-training and recovery modalities to help athletes reach their full potential. She recognizes the importance of incorporating these techniques into an athlete’s routine to aid in recovery, enhance performance, and minimize the risk of injury. With a genuine love for coaching and empowering athletes, Hannah uses her knowledge and experience to guide her athletes towards taking control of their athletic careers and creating the most fulfilling experience possible.


~ Testing & Technology

At Framework, we are committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology and data-driven approaches to support our athletes in their performance training journey. Our approach involves incorporating testing data and advanced technology not just for initial evaluations, but also for continuous monitoring during each training session. This allows us to provide transparent and objective feedback to our athletes, thereby promoting increased self-awareness and maximizing their potential. By combining the latest technology with our expertise and experience, we are able to deliver personalized and effective training programs that help our athletes reach their goals.


We take a comprehensive and data-driven approach to athletic training. During the initial evaluation process, each athlete undergoes a series of tests designed to assess key metrics critical to their performance. These tests allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to create a tailored training plan that addresses their specific needs and helps them reach their goals. By using objective data to inform our training approach, we are able to provide our athletes with the most effective and efficient path to success.

~ Have An Elite Athlete Training approach

At Framework Performance Academy, we cultivate an elite athlete mindset through our training approach. This includes:

1. Adopting an aggressive and relentless mentality that embodies a true competitor’s spirit.

2. Developing mastery of the details and skills that are essential to success.

3. Maintaining unwavering consistency in approach and execution.

4. Cultivating unwavering belief in the power of hard work and improvement, and trusting that results will follow.

5. Constantly pushing oneself to new levels of excellence through self-competition and personal challenge.

By embracing these principles, we aim to help our athletes develop a winning mindset that will serve them both on and off the field

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