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At Framework Performance Academy, we believe that educating, enhancing and empowering, both personal development and athletic development is the ultimate formula to building a culture of winners in life and in sport! Here, we focus on both the physical and mental abilities that will separate and prepare our athletes for the next level of competition and/or the next step in life. We do this by coaching and preaching: attention to details, accountability, responsibility, commitment, and much more! 

From a physical standpoint, we focus on the basic movement skill competencies that every sport requires: 
– Ability to accelerate
– Ability to run at top speed
– Agility & Change of Direction
– Jumping + Landing Mechanics
– Throwing
– Basic Weight Room Movements
– Strength & Power




Airius Moore

Airius Moore is a former professional and collegiate athlete, who turned COACH. His passion lies both in the personal and athletic development of his athletes. Airius is a technician in speed and agility training and he continues to enhance his coaching abilities through an ongoing mentorship with world leading experts. Airius has had the opportunity of coaching athletes of all levels. He has coached professional athletes down to elite level 11 year olds, which demonstrates his unique ability to connect and interact with his athletes. Airius loves to coach because he is able to share what he has learned over the years with the generations to come and be able to make a great impact on his athletes! Airius coaches all aspects of the Framework Training Program.

Natalie Victorson

Natalie Victorson, has a background in competitive figure skating with 10 years of figure skating coaching experience. Natalie was an intern & full-time coach at Acceleration NorthWest, a sports performance facility in MN. There, she coached youth, high school, & collegiate athletes from a variety of sports. She also spent 3 years in the UMN Army ROTC program before pursuing graduate school at Bethel University, completing an MS in Athletic Training. As a graduate, she provided sports medicine services to Twin Cities high schools while working with Bethel’s varsity sports teams. She also worked with Twin Cities Orthopedics in Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, and Training Haus sports performance. She also shadowed the MN Vikings Sports Medicine Staff during Mini Camps/OTA’s. Natalie holds her NSCA – CSCS.


Youth Foundational Program

Total Athlete Development

This Program is great for our middle school athletes, ages 11-13. This program is a 8-week progressive program that will leave you with the fundamentals that you need to be successful in any sport. This program will consist of speed, agility and strength, laying the foundation that you need, so you will be able to execute the movement patterns that you need in order to sprint, move or lift correctly. We cannot stress enough how important this program is for our younger athletes because it teaches them how to control their body. This program will leave your kid feeling more confident in his/her abilities as an athlete. This program will be in groups of up to 6 athletes. It includes 1 Speed sessions, 1 COD/Agility sessions and 2 Strength Sessions.

High School/ College Prep Programs

The Total Athlete Package

This Program is perfect for any athlete wanting to work on the full package. It will increase your speed by focusing on acceleration as well as top speed mechanics. With the 1 session of choice, you can gear the program towards your individual goals, whether that be with more of a focus on speed, strength or footwork specific. This program includes 2 speed sessions, 2 strength sessions, and 1 session of choice (footwork/sport specific, speed or strength) per week.


Speed, Power and & Strength Program (Groups of 4)

This Program is geared more towards increasing your speed by focusing on your acceleration and top speed mechanics to help you become a more efficient sprinter/runner. This program will consist of speed and strength, with the strength being a tool in order to help you increase and maintain your speed. This program includes 2 Speed & 2 Strength Sessions per week.

Speed Only Program (Groups of 4)

This Program is geared more towards increasing your speed by focusing on your acceleration and top speed mechanics to help you become a more efficient sprinter/runner. This Program is great for athletes that are trying to develop their speed skills. This program will consist of 2-3 days of speed training to give you the tools and gains you are looking for on the field.

Athlete In-Season Program (Groups of 4)

This Program is a great addition to our athletes that are in season. This program will help you maintain your strength and endurance, while also helping you speed up recovery. This program will not only focus on your strength, but will also focus on mobility and recovery mechanics. This program includes 1 Field Session and 1 Strength Session per week (held on Saturday’s, back to back).

All Other Programs (All ages)

Footwork Specific Program

 This program is great for athletes that want to sharpen their footwork skills specific to team sports. This program includes 2 sessions/week  of footwork.

Olympic Weightlifting Program

This program is designed to help teach the fundamentals and foundati9onal principles of olympic weightlifting so that athletes can enjoy the full benefit of the movements. This program includes 2 sessions/week. 

Drop In's

Drop in Sessions For Existing Athletes Only! New Clients have to sign up for a program. 

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