We are here to educate and implement holistic approaches to assist our athletes in reaching their fullest potentials. There is more to performance than just training. We believe in utilizing our unique FRAMEWORK to enhance our athlete’s experiences both, on and off the field.

Our Services

Performance ACademy

Framework Performance Academy helps provide resources to athletes that help empower them both mentally and physically to compete at the highest level on and off the field. We specialize in speed, strength and change of direction training. Training is done in small groups to create a team like competitive environment to help motivate and push our athletes. Framework’s small group model helps to ensure each athlete is getting the individualized care and attention that they need. 

Combine & Pro Day

Framework’s combine and pro day training camp consists of careful crafted programming to ensure our athletes perform at their peak once at their combine or pro day. We only take up to 8 athletes at a time to ensure individualized care and attention. We take a holistic perspective towards training which also includes individualized meal plan and meals, pre workout supplements, post workout smoothies, physical therapy, yoga, IV therapy and more.  


Airius Moore

Founder, Director of Sport Performance

Hannah Yeager

Founder, Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

Natalie Victorson

Sport Performance Coach




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