We are here to educate and implement holistic approaches to assist our athletes in reaching their fullest potentials. There is more to performance than just training. We believe in utilizing our unique FRAMEWORK to enhance our athlete’s experiences both, on and off the field.

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Performance ACademy

We help provide resources to athletes that help empower them both mentally and physically to compete at a high level on and off the field.


Fueling your body with the right nutrition is SO important while training. The right nutrition can be key in performance, clarity, endurance and recovery. We work with each of our athletes to come up with a specific meal plan that will work for their individual needs. Everything is ALL organic and tastes amazing!


We take recovery very seriously. Not only is nutrition helpful in recovery, so is taking care of your body. We offer body assessments, yoga classes and massages to help speed up recovery in our athletes. Health coaching is another great benefit that our athletes take advantage of to make sure that they are staying on top of everything that makes up a healthy athlete. 


Airius Moore

Co-Founder; Performance Academy

Hannah Yeager

Co-Founder; Health Coach; Yoga Teacher; Chef

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